Welcome to Onslow County, North Carolina

Onslow County is the home of one of the largest United States Marine Corps Bases in Camp Lejeune, NC and it’s companion Base, Marine Corps Air Station New RIver.  A long rich tradition from the days of the pirates in Swansboro, to the seafood industry in areas like Sneads Ferry.  The county seat is located in the growing town of Jacksonville, which has been evolving from what is normally thought of as a military town.  Though there are many Government jobs here, the quality of life continues to improve as the population grows as well.  A hidden gem of a place to live with a coastal lifestyle, a wide variety of food and entertainment, and a great variety of local businesses and artisans to shop with.  Though it may have a small town feel, the young population mixed with those who have stayed after serving in the military or have just had the area grow on them, creates a positive energy to go with great natural beauty throughout the area.